Vertical Space Transformers

Space Transformers

The Space Transformer (ST) is an integral part of the probe card, utilized between the probe head and the PCB. Nidec SV Probe provides a wide variety of space transformation options including:

  •      • WST™ (Wired Space Transformer)
  •      • MST™ (Modular Space Transformer)
  •      • MLC (Multi-Layer Ceramic)
  •      • MLO/Mini-PCB (Multi-Layered Organic)
  •      • Multi-Site MLO Reflow of Package Substrate
  •      • MLC with MLTF to 50µm Pitch

One of the main priorities for Nidec SV Probe is the internal development and manufacture of our own probe card components. We now offer in-house manufactured space transformer technologies with shorter lead time and competitive pricing. Contact your sales representative to learn more about our internally manufactured STs or any of our other ST technologies.

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