MEMSFlex™ Probes

MEMSFlex™ MEMS-based Probe Cards

Nidec SV Probe proprietary MEMSFlex™ Probes are a perfect complement to our probe card technologies, ideal for many advanced testing applications including Flip Chip, WLCSP, Solder Bump, CuPillar and Pad. Featuring a fine 3D MEMS coil spring and electro-formed Ni-pipe, these probes are manufactured using a continuous, automated, manufacturing process, we can support a wide array of custom pin pitches within a short cycle. Other features include:

  •      • Flexible, Customizable Pin Design
  •      • Current Minimum Pitch - 55µm* (*Requires feasibility, Contact Sales for more information.)
  •      • Optional Torque Rotation for Pad Applications
  •      • Consistent Alignment & Planarity

Contact your Nidec SV Probe Representative to learn more about our MEMSFlex™ probing products.

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